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As more and more Latino children enroll in local school districts, the need for teachers with some degree of Spanish proficiency has never been greater. In some cases, teachers have students in their classes with absolutely no English language proficiency.

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"When translators aren’t available it can create a very uncomfortable situation for the student, the teacher and the administration," commented James Korn, a middle school principal from central Washington.

"Parent-teacher conferences are my biggest challenges," explained Ann Reider, elementary teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sometimes the student knows English very well but the parents don't know any. Reider adds, "It's doubly tough when you have the student in the same conference acting as the translator for the parents. It certainly isn't the ideal atmosphere."

Teachers acknowledge that knowing even a little Spanish is better than not knowing any. The Baja California Language College has helped hundreds of teachers develop their Spanish language proficiency. These teachers have come in groups and as individuals during their vacation periods to learn more about the Mexican culture and to learn to speak Spanish language.

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