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As more and more baby boomers decide to retire in Mexico, the relaxed, accommodating and affordable lifestyle in Baja California is becoming increasingly attractive.

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Making the most of your time in Mexico depends greatly on how well you assimilate a culture notably different from your own.

There is no question that the ability to communicate in Spanish will greatly enhance your new life in Mexico. Knowing Spanish allows you not only to function in a Spanish speaking environment, but also to delight in new Mexican friendships. Those with a command of Spanish are better able to experience the rich culture Mexico offers. Even with only a fundamental command of the Spanish language, seniors are able to open a giant door of new opportunities.

Many seniors may begin to realize that they don't retain information as they once had. Other students may be nervous about going back to school again after so many years. The instructors Baja California Language College understand that our more seasoned students have specific requirements.

The personal attention given by the instructors assures that seniors have an educational and highly rewarding experience learning Spanish.

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