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The demand for medical Spanish in the United States increases every day. As the Latino population continues to grow, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are finding that even a basic command of Spanish can be critically important.

Medical Spanish

It is becoming more common for patients to arrive at US and Canadian health care facilities who speak only Spanish. Due to hospital budget restraints or just the overwhelming demand for their time, translators may not be available to assist in every situation.

The Medical Spanish Program at the Baja California Language College addresses the special needs of today's health professional.

The students learn not only how to ask the right questions, but how to understand the answers as well. The program also helps students identify the cultural nuances between the Latino immigrant patient and the American caregiver.

"The program was incredible; exciting and equally challenging," commented emergency nurse Laura LeBlanc of St. Jude Medical Center. “Studying Spanish in Ensenada opened a whole new world for me."

Spanish language acquisition is a process and cannot be learned by simply memorizing phrase books. Developing critical listening skills and providing accurate feedback are key components to completing the communication loop.

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