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The steady influx of Latino employees has dramatically changed the make-up of today's workforce. Many of these employees must be taught both how to perform their specific job duties and what constitutes acceptable behavior in the workplace. Most of the new immigrants come from work environments vastly different than what exists in today's highly developed countries. It is the responsibility of management to assure that there is clear channel of communication.

As a seasoned human resources consultant, Sinclair Hugh knows the advantages of speaking Spanish. Mr. Hugh has been going to Ensenada for several years to continue studying and practicing Spanish.

"Speaking Spanish with Latino employees is the first step in creating a relationship and developing employee trust. When they see me and hear me speak Spanish it knocks down a giant wall. I am allowed into their community and am better able to see what may be the root of a particular issue."

Human resource professionals like Sinclair Hugh and those in corporate management have benefited tremendously from their Spanish immersion training at the Baja California Language College. The Small Group Immersion Program is ideal for general language acquisition. The ability to incorporate industry specific terminology into the curriculum makes the Private Immersion Program and the Executive Immersion Program alternatives.

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