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Earning college credit is one of the main reasons college students choose to learn Spanish at the Baja California Language College. They can earn 2 credits per week and up to 6 credits total through Arizona Western College.

Spanish Immersion School Students

Another principal reason college students choose Ensenada is because they actually want to learn how to effectively use the language.

Many students feel rushed through semesters of Spanish at the college and university level. Although they may earn good grades, their proficiency level can remain very low. Even after several semesters of studying Spanish, many students are unable to effectively communicate using the language.

Tim O’Connor, a senior at Boston University, got mostly A’s and B’s in the two years he studied Spanish. However, when he arrived in Ensenada he felt tongue tied and lost. "I was embarrassed that I wasn’t even good enough to speak in the present tense when I got here. Because I got good grades at BU, I thought that would transfer to my ability to speak to the Mexicans. It didn’t. I basically had to relearn almost everything. I knew a lot of words, but couldn’t put it all together.”

In Ensenada college students are able to study at their own pace. They are not rushed through chapters and forces to memorize long lists of vocabulary for tests. This allows them to master critical fundamental areas before moving on to more challenging areas.

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