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Children learn much differently than adults. Because they don't have an adult ego, most children aren't frightened about making grammatical errors in front of others. This freedom often allows younger learners to communicate verbally more quickly than their adult counterparts.

Children, Teens and Families Spanish Language School

The Baja California Language College offers a children's curriculum that both challenges and encourages children from 6 to 15 years old. The six-hour daily course is a combination of hands-on activities, vocabulary building, songs, games and grammar instruction.

Vanessa Miller of Athens, Georgia arrived with her two children Casey, 10 years old, and Chase, 9 years old, to study for 3 weeks. She explained, "The kids just loved their teacher, Yolicita. She has unending energy and really knows how to connect with the children. Our host family was a perfect match because both of us have kids the same age."

"Ensenada is a fun, safe place to study. The children's program is the best I've seen, and I've shopped around a lot. We hope to return," commented attorney Robin Seeley of Alameda, California. She and her 10-year-old Philip studied at the College for three weeks.

Children's and family programs are offered throughout the year. Families with three or more immediate family members studying in the Small Group Immersion Program at the same time receive a 15% tuition discount.

Studying Spanish with your children at the Baja California Language College is an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

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