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Ensenada, Mexico

"Every lawyer licensed to practice in California should be required to study Spanish here!" proclaimed Jed Mills, editor of the California Law Journal. "I learned more Spanish in 3 weeks than I had in 10 years working with tapes and workbooks. The teachers and the methodology are superb."

Spanish Immersion Program for Attorneys

Daniel Martin, law professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California shared similar sentiments, "This is a great place to study as an adult. The program is adjusted to your level of Spanish. Studying daily in class and out of class gives strong reinforcement in the basics. The facility is great, but the teachers are what make the school so attractive to me. The teachers are well educated, experienced and have infinite patience."

Immigration attorney James Thurman of Tucson, Arizona spent six weeks at the College. The first three weeks were in group classes. The second three weeks were spent with a private tutor. "A working knowledge of Spanish is imperative in my particular field. My clients are Latinos. The coursework designed for me at the College hit the mark perfectly. Moreover, the whole experience was fabulous."

Some attorneys and law professionals prefer the interchange offered in the small group setting. Others benefit more from a one-on-one program where curriculum can be tailored for a particular discipline.

Baja California Spanish Language School - Offering Spanish Immersion Programs

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