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A primary objective this program is for students to develop an appreciation for the Mexican people, their culture and their language. It also is for children and teens to gain a better understanding of an environment very different from their own.

These goals are attained by learning to effectively communicate in Spanish while living and participating with a Mexican family.

Children and Family Spanish Program

The Children, Teen and Family Programs are integrated into the Small Group Immersion Program three times per year. The summer session is offered every week in June, July and August. The autumn session is in November during the US Thanksgiving holiday week. The winter session is offered during the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of January.


Children 6 to 12 years old may enroll in this program. The curriculum is created specifically for young learners and keeps them active both mentally and physically from 8:30 to 2:30 daily. The program stimulates children's natural curiosity through hands-on interaction, lessons, games, songs and recreational activities. There are several breaks throughout the day and all instruction is in Spanish.

Class size is limited to five students per instructor. Children are placed in classes based on a combination of their Spanish proficiency and maturity. All children must have a parent or guardian either enrolled at the same time or staying in Ensenada.


Teenagers with little to no Spanish experience are welcome to enroll as are teens with extensive Spanish training. The main goal of this program, along with having fun, is to encourage the student to function speaking Spanish in a real-world environment.

Teen Spanish Immersion Program

As with many university students, a great number of teenagers students have studied Spanish for years and still cannot speak or understand the language. The curriculum for teens addresses this problem first by placing students in classes with others having the same level of functional Spanish proficiency. Then, an extensive review of material previously studied is conducted in a manner that promotes speaking the language as opposed to merely completing exercises and drills. The small group size, maximum of five students per instructor, fosters participation by each student and bolsters their confidence by using Spanish to communicate their ideas, needs and emotions. Classes are 8:30 to 2:30 daily and there is at least one excursion per week where students travel as a group to a local point of interest.

The college also attempts to introduce students to Ensenada teenagers.

On a case by case basis, the College will allow a teenage student to enroll without having a parent or guardian present. However, the Baja California Language College recommends that a parent or guardian accompany their teen student, or group of teen students, to Ensenada.


Family Spanish Program

The Baja California Language College urges parents to participate in the acquisition of Spanish along with their children. It is an exciting and rewarding group activity that facilitates and encourages a more cohesive familiar bond.

Because adults learn differently from children and teens, they are placed in small groups with other adults at the same proficiency level.

Parents and children are able to share and experience a slice of Mexican life by living with a select host family. Private and shared rooms are available for family members in the same home.

Experience has proven that children and teens exhibit far more interest in developing their Spanish skills when their parents are also engaged in the Spanish acquisition process.

To further advocate parental participation, the Baja California Language College offers a 15% tuition discount when three or more direct family members (i.e. parents and children) are enrolled at the same time.

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