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Ensenada, Mexico

The demand for Spanish speaking clergy in the United States and Canada has never been greater.

The Spanish for Clergy and Missionaries addresses this issue by preparing congregational leaders to effectively communicate with their Latino parishioners.

Medical Spanish

The first four hours of each day is spent developing vocabulary and basic grammatical dynamics. The last two hours of the day are spent focusing specifics relating to communication in Spanish in a religious environment.

“The acquisition of some basic Spanish is important in the ministry of most clergy. Ensenada, with its beautiful cathedral and other cultural venues, is the perfect place to learn not only the language but the culture of Mexico as well.”

Frank Hegedus
Episcopal Priest
Budapest Hungary

Students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to work with local churches and clergy and are able to practice their newly acquired skills on a daily basis. This proves to be the perfect environment to gain confidence though practice before returning home.

“My most recent week at the Baja California Language College was again such a wonderful experience. Lupita gave our class very lively and helpful lessons and I enjoyed my daily 20 minute walk through the tranquil, sunny streets of Ensenada to and from the school. My home visit family were, as always, friendly and helpful and the food was wonderful!”

Fr. Tom Whelan, O.S.A.
San Francisco, California

Recently the Archdiocese of Ensenada has been honored to receive a Bishop. Bishop Sigifredo Noriega Barecel invites you to Ensenada and to study at the Baja California Language College.

See letter from Bishop (pdf)

Although Ensenada is a predominately Catholic community, many denominations are represented and the Baja California Language College welcomes cleary from all faiths to participate in the Spanish for Clergy Program.

Missionairies in Ensenada

Throughout the year, missionaries from all over the world come to Baja California to offer assistance to the needy by building homes and offering social services. Many arrive to help but have little to no Spanish speaking experience.

The Spanish for Clergy and Missionaries Program prepares those wanting to offer help by equipping them with the essential vocabulary and terminology needed to successfully complete their mission.

These 30 hour per week programs are offered throughout the year.

Price: $349.00 per week. 

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