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Spanish immersion program

The Baja California Language College offers a Spanish immersion program for anyone wanting or needing to learn to communicate in Spanish. Individuals who are just getting started in Spanish or those wanting refresher courses to advance their proficiency find the Small Group Immersion Program their best option.

The flexibility and intensity of the Private Immersion Program is best suited for individuals seeking the fast track to Spanish language acquisition and for those wanting to focus on a specific area or topic.

The Executive Immersion Program is the most comprehensive and integrated program offered. It was created by the demands of the busy professional needing to immediately function in a Spanish speaking environment. Medical Spanish for healthcare professionals and Spanish classes for children and teens are featured during select months of the year. The Mexican cooking workshop and weekend classes complete the program offerings.

Spanish Immersion Programs

  • Small Group Immersion Program

    The dynamics as well as the economics of this program make it the most popular course offered. Class size is limited to only five students per instructor.

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  • Private Immersion Program

    Flexible scheduling and the intensity of one-on-one instruction make this a popular program for those on the fast track to Spanish language acquisition.

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  • Executive Immersion Program

    This elite program was created for the serious professional with an immediate need to communicate in Spanish in a business environment.

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  • Weekend Immersion Programs

    Weekend Spanish classes are featured at the Baja California Language College throughout the year.

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  • Children, Teen and Family Programs

    A primary objective these programs is for students to develop an appreciation for the Mexican people, their culture and their language.

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  • Medical Spanish Program

    Spanish for nurses, doctors and others in the health care industry are highlighted in this specialized program.

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  • Spanish for Wineries, Vineyards and Agriculture

    The Spanish for Wineries and Vineyards Program prepares those in agriculture and the wine business to better communicate with Spanish speaking clientele as well as with their Latino personnel and families.

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  • Spanish for Clergy and Missionaries

    The demand for Spanish speaking clergy in the United States and Canada has never been greater. The Spanish for Clergy and Missionaries addresses this issue by preparing congregational leaders to effectively communicate with their Latino parishioners.

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  • Mexican Cooking Workshop

    The Baja California Language College proudly presents a Mexican cooking class for anyone who delights in preparing fresh and authentic Mexican food.

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