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Spanish immersion students in Ensenada can earn up to 6 fully transferable US college credits through Arizona Western College (AWC) of Yuma, AZ. Students who satisfactorily complete all coursework, including homework, can earn 2 credits per 30 hour week at the Baja California Language College in Ensenada.

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Important If credits are intended for transfer, Spanish immersion students must first confirm with the receiving institution that they will be fully accepted.


The cost of the program is $88 for 2 credits for non-Arizona residents under the age of 60 plus a $25 fee ($113 total per every 2 credits).

These costs are subject to change.

To arrange payment by phone contact the AWC Business Office at (928) 344.7528. Credit card accepted. The hours are Monday through Thursday, from 7 AM to 5 PM MST.

*The above mentioned costs are in addition to the tuition paid to the Baja California Language College.


Students must register with Arizona Western College at least two weeks prior to attending the Baja California Language College.

  • Once placement is confirmed with the Baja California Language College, contact Dr. Linda Elliott-Nelson at 928 344 7516 or to register at AWC. Prospective students can also access AWC’s website at for schedule and admissions information.
  • Students earn 2 credits of SPA 197 or SPA 297 (Spanish for Special Purposes) per week in Ensenada. No more than 6 credits in these classes will be awarded by AWC per semester.
  • Tuition for credit is paid directly to Arizona Western College. Please check with Dr. Linda Elliott-Nelson for current tuition and fees. Tuition varies based on age and residency status.

AWC does not mail report cards. Students can request a transcript at no charge through the following website:

The college credits earned through AWC are elective credits. They have pass/no pass status and no letter grade will be awarded by AWC. The transcript will denote “credit received” or “no credit received.”

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