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Currency in Mexico

The peso is the official currency of Mexico. Nevertheless, most businesses in Ensenada accept American dollars. The smallest taco stands as well as the largest hotels have an exchange rates posted. The value of the peso against the US dollar fluctuates on a daily basis.

Current exchange rates as well as currency histories can be converted at

It is not necessary for travelers to Ensenada to convert American dollars into Mexican pesos. However, when using dollars it is not uncommon to receive your change is in pesos.

Travelers checks can be used at some businesses. Some money exchange kiosks (Casa de Cambio) will convert your US travelers checks into pesos, but charge a tidy commission for the service.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to convert travelers checks into pesos at Mexican banks. Try to avoid Mexican banks unless you have an abundance of patience and free time.

By far the best way to obtain cash in Ensenada is by using Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). The daily exchange rate is automatically calculated and you can withdraw the amount you need. The ATMs do not charge a commission. However, the bank that issued the ATM card will probably charge a flat service charge. ATMs are abundant in Ensenada and they dispense pesos.

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