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Ensenada, Mexico
Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada is located about 80 miles south of San Diego, California on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It has a positive energy like no other place in the world. Although it is now a city of over 400,000 inhabitants, it still has a very small town feel. Over the generations families and neighborhoods have made it a priority to remain close and supportive. These proud families are what has been woven into the rich fabric that is Ensenada today. There is a tremendous sense of community in Ensenada.

Visitors are quick to note how friendly, helpful and gracious the Ensenadenses are. Street musicians are virtually everywhere looking to entertain locals and tourists alike. There is a perpetual atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Ensenada is a celebration of proud families, trusting friends and fantastic food.

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  • Traveling to Ensenada

    Traveling to Ensenada

    Traveling to Ensenada is safe, economical and quick. There are numerous transportation options for traveling to Ensenada.

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  • Mexico Recreation


    The mild coastal climate makes Ensenada ideal hosting for festivals, sporting events and outdoor recreation all year long.

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  • Spanish History


    From the indigenous tribes, to the European explorers, to the modern day cruise ships, Ensenada boasts rich and fascinating history.

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  • Mexico Currency


    The official currency in Ensenada is the Mexican Peso. Most stores, restaurants and cantinas will also accept US currency.

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  • Ensenada, Mexico Weather


    Brilliant blue skys, bright Baja sunshine blended with cool Pacific breezes. The semi-arid coastal climate energizes both the natives and the visitors.

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