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Living with a Mexican family is an invaluable part of the total immersion experience. Students participate more as family members than merely house guests. It is in this relaxed atmosphere where students can comfortably test their Spanish in a real-world environment.

Each of the host families has been carefully selected for their friendliness, willingness to assist students with their studies and their superior accommodations. They all aim to make the Ensenada experience as enjoyable and productive as possible.

There is a wide variety of families who participate in this program. Some of the host families are retired couples and others are families with young children. There are families with teenagers and others without any children in the home. Several families have an excellent command of English, while others have very little English proficiency. Despite their differences, they are all strong middle class families with clean, safe and comfortable homes. There is a homestay to meet everyone's needs.

Spanish Immersion Homestay Accommodations

All host families provide three meals per day. Breakfast is served before class each morning. The main meal each day and is typically served between 3:00PM and 4:00PM. Chiles rellenos (stuffed chiles), mariscos frescos (fresh seafood), carne asada (roasted beef) and pozole (traditional Mexican soup) are examples of what might be served for lunch. (Requests for vegan, vegetarian, low sodium and other restrictive diets will be honored.) It is not possible to enjoy fresher, more authentic Mexican cuisine anywhere. The portions customarily are very large. A siesta typically follows lunch. Every home has plenty of purified water. No one drinks or makes ice from the tap water.

In most cases, private rooms are available to students. The requirements of couples, friends and families traveling together can also be appropriately accommodated. The cost to stay with a Mexican family is $35.00 per night, per person. The fee is paid in cash directly to the family at the beginning of each week. Mexican or US currency is accepted. Checks, travelers checks or credit cards are not accepted by the host families.

The College has no financial interest in the homestay program and does not receive any portion of the payment made to the family.

The homestay program is reserved for students who are enrolled in one of the Spanish immersion programs. These accommodations are not offered to non-students.

Bringing gifts for the family is certainly a nice gesture, but is not expected. Leaving a tip for the host family at the end of your stay is encouraged. It will be greatly appreciated.

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