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Below are a few of the many testimonials people have shared with us about their experience with our Spanish immersion programs.

“I am a 56 yrs old female and have a Family Practice clinic in Florida. In 2010 I wanted to learn medical Spanish to assist the patients who visit my clinic from the USA and from abroad as I am located in a prime tourist. My previous background in Spanish was just one year of high school Spanish and I could only say a few phrases. After my first week at the Baja California Language College, and living with a host family, I was able to start talking in phrases to my patients with minimal use of a telephone translation service. After my second week of immersion 6 months later, I now rarely use a medical translation service with my Spanish patients and have even picked up some Portuguese phrases.

I am not always perfect in my conjugations and still have to ask “Como se dice… (how do you say….) sometimes, but my patients really appreciate my efforts and I am complimented on my Spanish language abilities! I have found that just attempting to talk in someone else’s language is a huge gesture of good will, and the way that I have gotten even better is to not be afraid to try! If someone is bilingual, it is better to approach them in their native language, and they also will give me invaluable feedback on my pronunciation and vocabulary when I ask them to please let me talk to them in Spanish for my own practice.

The travel to and from Ensenada, Baja California Mexico was very safe – I flew into San Diego and took all public transportation BY MYSELF each time. I walked through USA customs/bridge in and out of Tijuana and walked to the ABC bus station. In nice weather, I would walk the 3 miles from my host family’s home, or get a ride from them for a nominal cost. I also walked a lot around the town when not in school just to see the fabulous scenery. I would use an internet café a few blocks away from the house that I was staying in into the evening. The host families are all very nice with excellent meals and accommodations.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone of any age.”

Dr. Pat Wahrenberger Family Practice Physician Minneola Florida

“My most recent week at the Baja California Language College was again such a wonderful experience.  Lupita gave our class very lively and helpful lessons and I enjoyed my daily 20 minute walk through the tranquil, sunny streets of Ensenada to and from the school.  My home visit family were, as always, friendly and helpful and the food was wonderful!”

Fr. Tom Whelan O.S.A. San Francisco, California

“I went from basic to fluent Spanish in about 10 short-term stays over 4 or 5 years to the college in Ensenada. I traveled alone and I never had any security problems whatsoever. I took my teenage godchild along for one week. I have made wonderful friends in Ensenada and still love to visit this peaceful seaside town regularly.”

Marion Renk-Rosenthal Publisher Corona del Mar, CA

“The Baja Language School performed wonderfully for me. Over the years, I had lost a good deal of my Spanish conversation ability. I needed a conversational brush up. Excellent instructors worked with me and in a few short weeks I re-learned much of what was forgotten as well as many new things. I was back on track, able to talk Spanish well again.”

Ed Arnow Columnist Bay Area News Group

“As a retiree, I can look back and see the role that Baja California Language College has played in my life. While working, the language courses gave me the ability to work directly with Spanish speaking employees. That ability and the appreciation I gained of the desire of immigrants to learn English, gave me my retirement goal - to teach English to Spanish speakers. The ability to do that has been enhanced by the language skill gained at Baja California Language College.”

Sinclair Hugh Retired Reno Nevada

“I enjoyed my two week stay in Ensenada, Mexico attending the Baja California Language College. Not only did I learn a great deal of Spanish, I also met many new friends. I felt safe and secure the two weeks of my stay and plan to return each year for more instruction. The city of Ensenada is beautiful and the residents are like family. Hope to see it all again very soon.”

“Con toda sinceridad !!!”

Cathy Mulcahy Fort Collins, Colorado

“I have been studying Spanish for four years, in many different countries. I will tell anyone that asks that the instruction at Baja California Language School is as good as it gets. And the city of Ensenada is completely safe. Tourists arrive, literally, by the cruise ship load and walk the streets in perfect safety. I have travelled to Ensenada by boat, by car -- even by bicycle, and I have always felt perfectly safe. There is a wonderful “tourist district” with shops full of bargains and friendly vendors. So, whoever reads this, please don’t be put off by the bad publicity that other parts of Mexico have been receiving. It is exaggerated, and deals almost entirely with problems that people involved in the drug trade are having. People coming to Ensenada to study Spanish are as safe as they will be on any college campus in the USA.”

Jeremiah Reid Attorney San Diego, California

“The staff at Baja California Language College gives each student all the tools necessary to accomplish their individual goals.  If you simply want to brush up on your skills, learn basic conversational skills or become completely fluent, the instructors will adapt your lesson plan to accommodate you.

During my seven months of study, not only did I achieve my goal of becoming fluent, I received something I had never anticipated and something far more valuable.  The director, Yoli, and instructors, Dey, Bibiana, Edith, Lupita, Jesus and Reina quickly became a delightful addition to my family.  I remain in contact with most via email, etc., and I treasure my entire experience there.  I also developed a wonderful appreciation for the city of Ensenada and its population.

The past few years have not been kind to Mexico or its citizens and quite frankly, have been devastating to many businesses which rely on some form of tourism.  It's very sad how a news report of some act of unspeakable violence in one city within one state of a vast and beautiful country can destroy a crucial part of Mexico's economy.  I have been a resident of this wonderful country since 2004 and live in Rosarito, Baja California.  I fell in love with Mexico, its culture and its people long before and for this reason, jumped at the opportunity to make Mexico my home.  Attending the Baja California Language College allowed me to become fluent in Spanish and more importantly enriched me as a human being.

I am forever grateful to Keith Rolle for having this program of excellence.  If you've been thinking about learning Spanish but have had trepidations because of media reports, please... take it from me:  contact Keith and enroll.  You will open the door to a wonderful educational experience and when it's all said and done, you may just find yourself leaving with truly beautiful memories that are indeed priceless.  This is the only school of its kind in Baja, it's easily accessible, affordable and its reputation is impeccable.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn this beautiful language taught by remarkable, gifted and professional instructors.  

If you're reading this you may be saying to yourself, "well, that's sounds good, but really...can you really speak and understand the language?"  Fair question.  The answer is yes.  I now work as an office manager for a large child and adolescent psychiatric group in San Diego and happen to be the only person who speaks and understands Spanish.  I translate everything from basic voice mail messages to therapy and psychiatric sessions ensuring the communication is clear to everyone involved.  Seeing the relieved and grateful look on a parent's face when I am able to communicate with them in their language about the care and well-being of their child is one of the many rewards of my job.  I couldn't have this experience without the wonderful people of the Baja California Language College.”

Hazlo, si se puede!  (Do it, yes you can!)

Mary Anne Cox Office Manager-San Diego California Resident Rosartio, BC, Mexico

“Let me tell you about my experiences at the Colegio over the years, indeed, decades at this point.

As you know, I first encountered the School in the late 1990s when I moved from Minnesota to California.  The staff was very helpful, kind, and patient; and I have been gratified to note very little turnover from year to year.  This has increased my comfort level and made it possible to concentrate on my work and studies.  Another plus has been the incredible variety of students in attendance from literally all parts of the world.  

Ensenada is one of my favorite places.  It is a lovely, clean, and friendly city located right on the Pacific Coast.  On my most recent visit this past January, I was often out evenings after dark at dinner or for a stroll.  I felt completely safe and, I might say, at home.  Ensenada offers a variety of activities from touristic to adventurous to the everyday and mundane.   The people of Ensenada are invariably kind and gracious.

The acquisition of some basic Spanish is important in the ministry of most clergy.  Ensenada, with its beautiful cathedral and other cultural venues, is the perfect place to learn not only the language but the culture of Mexico as well.

I wish you and all your staff continued success.”

Frank Hegedus Episcopal Priest Budapest Hungary

“The Baja California Language College has done a lot for me and my husband. Starting with absolutely zero knowledge in Spanish, thanks to the professional staff we are now able to converse with Spanish speaking residents of our community. Our experience in Ensenada was a very positive one. The local people are very friendly and at no time did we feel threatened. We walked, even at night, to the local stores and used the buses without any problem. We came away with an excellent foundation in the Spanish language upon which we will continue to build. The Baja California Language College is a top notch college that no one should miss.”

Steve and Aliza Gottesman Baltimore MD

“During the past seven or eight years I have attended classes at the Baja California Language College both in Ensenada and the two-week classes held in San Felipe during the Spring and Fall. It is hard to find the words to describe just how much my life has been enriched from this experience. Learning to speak Spanish has opened doors I never expected.

Since my first class in Ensenada, there have been many major changes in my life. Learning the language has only brought more joy to me through the beautiful people, culture and country of Mexico. Every time I am able to attend classes in Ensenada it is much like “going home” to an environment that encourages you to grow in an atmosphere of professionalism and FUN!!! In my university studies, never did I experience the commitment and dedication that I have found from all of the teachers, director and owner of the Baja California Language College.

I have felt compelled to write this letter because of the negative press regarding safety and travel in Mexico. During the past 25 years I have been traveling to and from the United States and Mexico alone. The people from Baja California have been extremely kind and helpful and I must say that I have not had a negative experience in all of these years. After many flat tires, gasoline shortages, etc., etc. the stories are countless of the incredible people and their willingness to share their lives and homes with a complete stranger.

It would be easy to go on and on, so I would just like to say thank you to all of you from the Baja California Language College for your commitment and dedication to your students, and most of all for your friendship! “

Janet (Juanita) Meulemans Portland Oregon San Felipe, BC, Mexico

“The Baja California Language College was the perfect answer to my recent challenge. I was about to head down to Baja in March of this year and participate with Amigos de los Californios in a two-week dental clinic for the remote mountain villages of Santa Martha and San Francisco. I was to be the receptionist for the clinic and my Spanish skills needed a swift boost.

I contacted Keith Rolle of the Baja California Language College in Ensenada. This was the third time I was returning to the school and since my time was limited, they accommodated my request for only three days of attendance. There were three students in my morning class and two of us in the afternoon class. This allowed for plenty of individual attention and opportunity for practice. A review of verb tenses and expressions helped my mind set and the speaking helped my tongue remember what to do inside my mouth to make the Spanish flow.

Teachers were knowledgeable about Latin American cultures as well as the Spanish language. Classroom space was beautiful, comfortable and close to wonderful restaurants and taco stands for lunch. Many of the classroom exercises and assignments were fun and excursions to La Bufadora and the vineyards in Guadalupe Valley provided enjoyable opportunities to practice our Spanish.

Living with a family is the best. I have experienced three different homes and all were excellent. Besides providing two or three delicious meals a day and comfortable, private bedroom accommodations, the “Mamas” are well trained to speak slowly and distinctly and listen intently. Your Spanish can’t help but improve in a very non-threatening atmosphere.

If you’d like to increase your knowledge of Spanish or learn to speak more fluently so you can better enjoy your travels in Mexico, the Baja California Language College is an excellent way to do it. View their website at or call our Discover Baja office at 800-727-2252 and ask for Carol. I’ll be glad to extol the benefits of the Language College. Feliz viaje!”

Carol Kramer Discover Baja Travel Club San Diego California

“I have studied at several language schools in Mexico and Guatemala the past two decades. The absolute best Spanish learning experience I’ve ever had was at the Baja California Language College two years ago. As someone who translates for humanitarian organizations operating in Mexico, I would highly recommend BCLC to anyone who needs basic language instruction or a short refresher course. Ensenada is a wonderful place to meet and interact with open and interesting people. I am visually impaired and potentially at risk in dangerous places. I feel safer on the BCLC campus, in Ensenada, and anywhere in the surrounding area than I do in the US.”

Keith M. Yanner Professor of Political Science Central College, Pella Iowa

“Part of the wonderful experience of coming to Baja Language College has been simply getting there. Every time I come to the school, crossing the border, taking the bus and being met in Ensenada by my “host family” gently reminds me that this is immersion of the best kind!

Baja Language College staff and fellow students become “family” from the first contact. There are so many options for classes, housing and transportation that I keep coming back for a new experience year after year.

When I return to my work and home I am so much more aware of my sensitivity to the Mexican experience. No matter where I travel or what I have learned, living and sharing another culture connects me by more than words.

I went to a beautiful, well-organized school in Costa Rica. I learned so much more at Baja Language College in Ensenada and felt even safer!

Thank you for the gift of my dear friend and Ensenada family!”

Leigh Paris School Counselor St. Helena California

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