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Our Philosophy

Baja California Spanish Language School in Ensenada Mexico.

Our program was designed specifically to help students identify and eliminate barriers to speaking Spanish. 

We realize that in large classes of 15-30, most students are not comfortable attempting to speak a foreign language in front of their classmates. They typically become frustrated and study behind a barrier which prevents them from speaking freely. We also know that memorizing vocabulary lists for chapter tests does not encourage Spanish speaking.

In the Spanish immersion programs we offer in Ensenada the goal is Spanish language acquisition.

Our classes have five or fewer students. This allows our instructors give students individual attention and plenty of opportunity to speak Spanish. 

There are no textbooks nor are there exams. We don't grade our students. Each student is well aware of their progress and the effort they are putting forth. Our students grade themselves in their ability to comfortably communicate in Spanish. 

Students always study at the appropriate level. If it takes two weeks to learn the difference between the Spanish verbs Ser and Estar, we'll study Ser and Estar for two weeks.

Our methodology is highly effective because removes the pressure, stress and anxiety that students typically experience in conventional Spanish classes. This allows them to quickly develop into effective Spanish speakers.

We are committed to creating the perfect environment for you to quickly learn to communicate in Spanish.


The Baja California Language College was founded by Keith Rolle and Yolanda Camacho in 1997 and the first Spanish immersion course was given that June.

Rolle is a native of Duluth, Minnesota. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota he moved to Paris to continue his French studies at the Alliance Française. He spent nine years with a Minnesota based Fortune 500 company working both internationally and in the United States. While in graduate school at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, he realized the growing importance of Spanish and enrolled in a program in Ensenada.

Camacho was his instructor.

Camacho is an Ensenada native and graduate of Universidad Autonoma de Baja California. She spent 9 years teaching in a Spanish immersion school in Ensenada before being promoted to Director of Education. Founder, Kieth Rolle In that position she was responsible for curriculum development and instructor training as well as teaching an occasional class. She spent 4 years in that capacity before deciding to leave to start her own Spanish immersion program.

Less than two years later they resigned from their respective employers to found the Baja California Language College.

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