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Ensenada BC Mexico - June 20, 2017 - Open enrollment begins today for Spanish immersion classes. After a major conceptual change to the program, the same team of experienced instructors are helping students from all fields attain their Spanish acquisition goals.

Former President and Co-Founder Keith Rolle has passed his responsibilities to Director and Co-Founder Yolanda Camacho. Camacho will now direct all communications as well as the academic and homestay programs.

"Back in November 2011 we ran some pilot programs where instead of the students coming to our campus, we dispatched our instructors to the students. Classes were held at the homes of our host families, the Arts and Cultural Center, at resort hotels, the beach, restaurants, personal yachts and other locales.  The objective was to be a much more hands on, participatory and experiential type of program where our instructors perform more as tutors/coaches/mentors than as lecturers," former President Rolle explains.

Camacho continues, "The pilots were a success and everyone was really excited about this new approach.In January 2012, we moved out of our campus and are now we are implementing the new model.Some of our classes are held at the Cultural and Arts Center, but we are flexible and frequently use other venues as well."

For information regarding class availability and enrollment, contact Yolanda Camacho directly at

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