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Medical Spanish for Nurses Highlights October Calendar

Ensenada, BC, Mexico – August 1, 2006 – A Spanish immersion course tailored specifically for health care professionals will be featured as part of the Small Group Immersion Program every week in October.

Students may enroll for a single week or multiple weeks. The course is recognized by the California Board of Registered Nurses.  Participants who complete at least one week earn 30 Continuing Education Units.

Program details and enrollment information can be found at:
Medical Spanish Program.

Both USA TODAY and CNN.COM recently ran articles stressing the high demand for Spanish interpreters at hospitals and clinics. The Medical Spanish Program in Ensenada was recognized by these national news sources. College President, Keith Rolle, was quoted in both of the pieces.

The October Medical Spanish is not just for nurses. Doctors, administrators, EMTs and the entire health care industry will benefit from participating in this program.

The Medical Spanish Program is featured in March and October every year.

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