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Spanish Immersion Programs for Children, Teens and Families:
Course Offerings Expanded

Ensenada, BC, Mexico – October 30, 2006 – The increased popularity of the Spanish immersion programs for Children, Teens and Families has prompted the Baja California Language College to expand course offerings.

Five additional weeks have been added where Children, Teens and Families may enroll as part of the Small Group Immersion Program.

The expanded offerings include Thanksgiving week (Nov 19-24), the last two weeks of December (Dec 17-30) and the first two weeks of January (Dec 31-Jan 12).

“In years past we only offered programs for kids during the summer months,” explained College president Keith Rolle. “But now, more and more parents are realizing that their kids need to supplement their textbook Spanish with a real-world application where the focus is communication.”

The Baja California Language College will continue to allocate a number of spaces in the Small Group Immersion Program for children, teens and families in June, July and August.

The programs stimulate children's and teen’s natural curiosity through hands-on interaction, lessons, games, songs and recreational activities. There are several breaks throughout the day and all instruction is in Spanish. "The family program works out so well because our campus is big enough to separate the kids from the adults and small enough so the parents are always close at hand," said Rolle. "It is extremely gratifying for us to see the youngsters having so much fun using Spanish to communicate."

Children 6-16 years old must have a parent or guardian either enrolled in a Spanish immersion program or staying in Ensenada. This is an exciting and rewarding group activity that facilitates and encourages greater family unity.

To further advocate parental participation, the Baja California Language College offers a 15% tuition discount when three or more immediate family members (i.e. parents and children) are enrolled at the same time.

Older teens may enroll without having a parent present. However, placement is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Mexican family homestays are also available.

Visit the webpage Children, Teen and Family Spanish Programs for additional program and application information.

Children and Teens may also enroll throughout the rest of the year in the Private Immersion Program.

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