Baja California's Premier

Spanish Language School

Ensenada, Mexico
Baja California Spanish Language School in Ensenada Mexico.

In class, students are keenly aware of the passion and commitment of the instructors not only as teachers, but also as mentors. Each member of the teaching staff brings a wide variety of real-world experience and expertise to the classroom.

All are native Mexicans who have taught Spanish to thousands of non-Spanish speaking adults and children from around the world. The instructors come not only from the Mexican state of Baja California, but also from other states throughout the Mexican republic. They are all highly qualified, trained, professional instructors with the sole focus of teaching you to speak and understand Spanish.

Students agree that the biggest asset of the College is the dedicated, supportive and enthusiastic instructors. Each instructor knows that one must be comfortable and relaxed to achieve success in Spanish language acquisition.

Baja California Spanish Language School - Offering Spanish Immersion Programs

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