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Spanish Immersion Program Enrollment

Submitting an application to a Spanish immersion program at the Baja California Language College can be done in one of four different ways as illustrated below. There is no application fee for registering. The $40.00 deposit will be applied to your tuition when you arrive on the date indicated on your application. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit cannot be made online or by telephone as the College does not process credit cards.

The completed applications and deposit should arrive in the San Diego office at least one week prior to your first day of class.

Once the applications and deposit (s) are received you will be sent confirmation by mail, email or both. The confirmation will guarantee your placement.

Enrollment Methods

  • Online Application

    Complete the applications online and mail in the deposit.

    Online Application
  • Print and Mail

    Print both applications, complete them and mail them in with the deposit.

    View PDF
  • Request a Packet

    Complete the hardcopy applications from the information packet and mail them in with the deposit.

    Request Free Brochure
  • In Person

    Stop by the College to complete the application and pay the deposit.


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